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Fire Fit Training Center exists to prepare clients for the hiring process with municipal Fire Departments throughout Canada. We provided specific, unique, and effective professional firefighter career preparation training which includes the following competencies and much more. "498" successful students and counting........


The main reason applicants fail to get hired is not their lack of NFPA knowledge, but rather a lack of knowledge of the hiring process.
  • What about NFPA?

    Most major municipal fire departments within Canada initially do not require NFPA 1001 in order for application, and NFPA 1001 courses do not prepare individuals for the application process. In addition some major Fire Departments provide their own NFPA 1001 training
  • Industry Certifications?

    FFTC can provide the following certifications:
    WHMIS, CST - Construction Safety Ticket, EAFR-Electrical Awareness for First Responders, NGAFR-Natural Gas Awareness for First Responders, CSA- Confined Space Awareness, FPA - Fall Protection Awareness, WSA-Workplace Safety Awareness, FFTC - Professional Drivers Course ( Classroom Portion), TDG - Transportation of Dangerous Goods, FFTC - Chainsaw maintenance awareness course, GTKF - Public Fire Prevention Course, PSAT - Petroleum Safety and Fire Behaviour Awareness Course, and many more to choose from
  • Getting Hired

    Your best chance of getting hired is having a truly comprehensive understanding of the hiring process and the exact qualifications the department is looking for. FFTC can prepare you for these requirements better than anything else. Don't leave your future to chance. Take a FFTC preparation course and be fully equipped to succeed for any fire department hiring process.
fire fighter preparation course

Currently accepting applications for 2016-2017


  • Hey Chief, Hope your doing well. The other day i officially signed my offer letter with the city of Edmonton for class 139. I just want to thank you so much for all the time and advice you have given me. This is a absolute dream come true and I know I couldn't have done it without your help. I can't wait to start training on Sept 18th. Thank you so much and take care.

  • Chief Kokotilo, My interview results came in on Friday. I was ranked 20 overall. I wanted to thank you for all the interview prep you gave me. It gave me confidence and knowledge beyond what I needed to know for the interview and I can say I wouldn't have gotten the results I did without the hard work I put in and confidence you instilled in me. Thanks again Chief

    JORDAN PIERCY - 2008
  • Chief Kokotilo, This past year was my fourth year applying to the EFRS, and I had always been unsuccessful in my interviews. I firmly believe that it was your class, and the mock interview that I was a part of, that made me successful in the interview this last time around. I am currently in training as a member of class 138 with the EFRS and although late, just wanted to thank you immensely for helping me realize my dream.

    GREG ROWLAND - 2013
  • Chief........ I am 100% confident that I would never have made it this far without your prep class. I found it as the single biggest resource of knowledge and advice that I could have ever found, and I am very grateful that you use your time and expertise to help people like me achieve our dream. So a sincere thank-you goes to you.

    M ALLEN - 2012
  • Chief, I got my e list placement today I made 7th and Aaron made 15th with EFRS-2012. We couldn't have done it without your help

  • You probably heard the list came out - I ranked 11-EFRS 2012. Your class was a huge help in giving me the skills to excel in the recruitment process. Thanks for giving so much of your time to making sure we were prepared and confident.

    M. GAHN - 2013
  • Chief - unbeliveable!! I also recieved a job offer from Edmonton and was just notified that I placed 17st on the list....My dream has come true........ Thank you so much with everything in training I know I could'nt have done it without your help. Thanks again Chief!

    HANCOCK - 2012
  • I just heard from human resources and I am blown away and feel like there is a mistake, but they said that I recieved 100% on my interview and am moving on. I received the eligibility list and I ranked 3rd... Once again I just want to thank you for your help in all of this for me.

    DAVE NISBIT - 2011
  • Chief Kokotilo, I am ecstatic to tell you that I ranked 14th on the Eligibility list!A HUGE thank you for help on the physical and interview training, I KNOW that it was an integral part of my success!

  • Chief, Thanks for all the help and guidance that you gave me thru your Fire-Fit class. The knowledge base that I gained from the Aptitude right to the Interview process helped me attain the eligibility ranking of 12th on the list. Thank-you for making my dream come true!

    R. PRODRUTTI - 2010

  • Most courses are by correspondence and some held in the greater Edmonton area. For more information contact Chief John H. Kokotilo
  • phone : (780) 218-1832
  • Email : firefitchief@mcsnet.ca
  • SKYPE : firefitchief